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FerVera supplies exclusive wines from the Spanish region of Ribera del Duero. This wine region is located northwest of Madrid on the Duero River, where wine has been produced for many hundreds of years. In addition to exclusive wines from this region, Fervera offers a special gourmet of exclusive Spanish regional products. This website offers a complete overview of the various options.

ribera del duero

In the heart of northern Spain lies the Ribera del Duero wine region, a wine-growing region that covers approximately 20,000 hectares of land. It is located completely in the interior of Spain between two mountain ranges. The vineyards are located approximately 750 meters above sea level. All kinds of factors that ensure a pretty extreme climate with cold winters and dry, hot summers. Temperatures range from -18˚C in winter to 40˚C in summer. The difference between day and night temperatures is therefore enormous. This allows the grapes to develop complex aromas and maintain their acidity.

exclusive gourmet

In addition to fine wines, the Ribera del Duero area is known for excellent artisanal products. We offer an attractive gourmet with a number of particularly tasty products in which the typical flavors of the region can be tasted. Compiled with care and now available in an exclusive package that can be ordered via this website. Curious about the contents of this exclusive package from FerVera and how it can be obtained? Click on the button below to view the different options in terms of composition and delivery of FerVera.

composed with care

The gourmet of FerVera has been composed with care and consists only of top products. These artisanal products come from Spanish cuisine, which is known as one of the main founders of the Mediterranean diet. Spanish cuisine is characterized in particular by the abundance of fresh, high-quality products. This is immediately reflected in the attractive and delicious taste. Enjoy Spanish cuisine with exclusive Spanish regional products from FerVera!